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Outdoor Ad Systems, LLC

OAS is North America’s exclusive and premier network of Lunch Truck, Food Truck, Taco Truck, Canteen Truck, and Coffee Truck Advertising.

A brief history

In 1999, Scot C. Taylor discovered and harnessed the power of food trucks, lunch trucks, taco trucks, or otherwise defined by the IRS as Mobile Food Preparation Vehicles (MFV’s.) Mr. Taylor, with an elite group of entrepreneurial investors and management, began research and development. These efforts resulted in establishing Outdoor Ad Systems, LLC, the birth of this new advertising medium, and the formation of the National Network of Advertising on Lunch Trucks.

The tenure of OAS and the personal relationships its founder Scot C. Taylor fermented over the last decade with the mega operators in the industrial catering industry is what makes Outdoor Ad Systems, LLC stand alone in this unique media space. Every campaign has Mr. Taylor’s personal oversight to assure execution.

Today, OAS has 85 commissary-based locations throughout the U.S. and a network base in Canada and Australia.

Chief Executive Officer
Scot C. Taylor
National Account Director
David Gonzales
National Leasing and Field Coordinator
Gabe Padilla


OAS offers careers in sales, marketing, field truck auditing, graphics, and printing.

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23046 Avenida de la Carlota
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Outdoor Ad Systems, LLC
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